question about not having electricity in rooms


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question about not having electricity in rooms

I am remodeling my entire house with the exception of a bathroom and a spare bedroom. I plan on not using these 2 rooms until they I can afford to remodel them. I have permits etc.. for the remodel, and was wondering if the inspectors will say anything about that. Are there any laws or NEC rulings about no electricity in rooms. thanks
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Generally speaking, a permit for remodeling only applies to those rooms or areas which are directly affected by the remodel. So, if you remodel the upstairs, the wiring, plumbing, etc in the downstairs may remain as-is. If you leave the existing rooms as-is (don't add or subtract wiring from them), you should be fine. The best course of action is of course to talk to the inspector ahead of time about your plan. There may be some local safety codes which will apply to the entire house. For example, one of the cities near me requires that new, interconnected smoke detectors be installed in the whole house during any major remodel, even if that remodel only affects one area.

However, if as part of your remodeling project you disconnect wiring from existing rooms, you will be required to reconnect or reinstall in a code-compliant manner. The NEC does not allow rooms without receptacles around the perimeter and at least functional light fixture or switched receptacle and lamp.

As a practical note, it would be a very good idea to install an accessible conduit to the vicinity of the bathroom while you have other walls or ceilings torn open. This will make the installation of a new bathroom circuits much easier and cheaper when the time comes to remodel that room.

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