electric stovetop hookup


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electric stovetop hookup

I recently purchased a new stovetop. The old stovetop was 30 amps 240v hooked up with a 10 gauge wire. The new one recommends 40 amps (8 gauge wire) for 240v and 30 amps for 208 v. Will it do any damage to keep the 10 gauge wire for the new stove if I have 240 v. and 30 amp breaker?
I've tried to purchase a small length of 8 gauge wire but can only get it in our area in 100' rolls. We rarely use more than 2 burners if that helps answer my question. Any reply would be appreciated.
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You will need to run new #8 all the way to the breaker box and install a 40a breaker. Most hardware stores will sell by the foot.
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The manufacturer specifies a 40 amp circuit. Therefor you need a 40 amp circuit. This means new cable and a new breaker.
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...or return the cooktop and find one with lesser electrical requirements to match the existing 30A circuit.

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