want to run 220 and 110 off of 10-3


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want to run 220 and 110 off of 10-3

hello, i buried 10-3 from my house to my barn. about 80 feet. i want to be able to run my 220 tools and my 110 lights, tools etc. i have open space in my panel at my house. what breaker do i need there and if i put in a sub panel at barn what breakers there. and then i just want to wire an outet for 220 and 110 after the panel. i now know from reading that if i use the red black white and ground for the 220 and then i can use one of the red or black with the neutral i can have 110 can anyone help thanks. we live 25 miles from the nearest town and cant afford this project unless i can do it. thanks.
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Starting a project without a complete plan is very risky. Let's hope you get really lucky and are able to utilize the work you've already done.

Exactly what kind of cable did you bury and how deep did you bury it? Does the barn have any electrical service currently?

You need a double-pole 30-amp breaker in your main panel. Let's hope that 30-amps is enough to run the 240-volt tools you want to run. It's enough for some of them, but not all of them.

You'll need a subpanel and a grounding rod at your barn. Almost any kind of subpanel will do, but you may need to buy a add-on grounding kit for it. If you need more than six circuits, get a panel with a main breaker.

There's a few hundred other things you need to know, but let's take it one step at a time.

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