New Thermostats - need help wiring


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New Thermostats - need help wiring

I just purchased two LUX TX500 digital thermostats to replace a couple of old thermostats controlling my baseboard heaters. After removing the cover plates and exposing the back of the old thermostats, I see 4 heavy copper wires connected to Line 1, Line 2, Load 1 and Load 2. After opening the LUX thermostats I see terminals for G, Y, W, RH and RC with a jumper between RH and RC. Could someone explain how I need to connect the four existing wires to the new thermostat....if possible?

Also, I just noticed that on the other thermostat I want to replace, it has two heavy copper wires connected to the Line 1 and Line 2 terminals and only one connected to the Load 1 and Load 2 terminals. Is there a different wiring scheme for this scenario?


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You have purchased low voltage thermostats where you need to have Line voltage thermostats.

I suggest you start with a couple good books on house wiring.

Start with Wiring Simplified. Learn the basics before trying to do things on your own.
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If you connected in these thermostats and turned the power on, you likely fried them.

You need 240 volt (line voltage) thermostats.
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Thanks for the info. Nope...i didn't connected these...i didn't want to screw anything up which is why i asked the question before doing anything. thanks again.

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