wire nuts?


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wire nuts?

I bought some remodel type recessed cans and befor installing them , Im just a bit curious. The wire nuts that came with the fixtures are small plastic "WEDGES" with holes in them.

Are these the equivalent of "BACKSTAB" wire nuts , and are they safe? Reliable? Can I throw them away and use plain nuts?
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I cant testify as to the reliability/safety of these connectors because I always toss them and use regular wire nuts.
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They're junk. Toss 'em out and use wirenuts with metal innards.
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Thanks guys....

But I wont toss em just yet.......I might be able to use them to shim the wallboard ---
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Those are the newest thing in wire connectors.
We use them all the time.
Alot of people won't accept the new technology but we have installed thousands of them with no more failures than a coventional wirenut.
Two notes of caution:
1) Make sure that the wire is stripped to the proper length.
2) Just give them a little tug after insertion to make sure that they are seated properly.
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I cut them all off when I did my kitchen lights. I ended up with one intermittent connection. I always have difficulty wire nutting solid 12 0r 14 ga wire with the smaller stranded stuff that comes with most light fixtures.

When I redid my bedroom and master bath I installed recessed lighting (12 cans). This time I used the connector provided with the fixture. Much easier to make the connection and I really two blocked one as a test and I couldn't get it to fail.

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