subpanel alterations


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subpanel alterations

I currently have a 100amp Square D Hom20m100c load center that I want to convert to a subpanel. The bonding bar (if that is the correct term) that ties the ground lug bar and neutral lug bars together at the top of the panel does come off to isolate the two. However, this same bar clamps the tops of ground bar and neutral bar to the panel and if I remove it the tops of the bars hang loose.

My question is can I cut the middle out of this bar to provide isolation and replace each end to hold the two bars in place on the panel, or is there a conversion part available? It is the bar itself that seems to hold the ground and neutral lug bars in place, not the screws.

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You have2 neutral bars in the box.......

Remove the copper wires and buy two ground buss bars...Mount them to the case --That is where you will put your Gnd wires.

Isolate the neutral from case by removing the Green (USUALLY)
screw that runs thru the main neutral the case. This is on the thick strip where the neutral comes in from supply......Where you currently have the busses mounted....

That should do it.

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Thanks, that does the trick! I got hung up on trying to use the existing busses by removing that connecting bar because I read in a "help" book that was the thing to do! Your recommendation will work great.


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