15A electrical outlet problem - please help


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15A electrical outlet problem - please help

The outlet in our B-room went out. I checked the breaker (no problem there), and used a voltage tester on the outlet (which shoed no power through the outlet. I changed the outlet as well - still no change. I fear there is a wiring problem upstream. Are there any other troubleshooting tips for a novice like me or do I need to break down and call the electrician for a potentially large project? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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Are you checking hot to ground or hot to neutral?
If you read 120 volt from hot to ground and get nothing from hot to neutral, you have a problem.
Turn off the breaker and determine what else is on the circuit.
Turn it back on and start checking everything on that circuit.
At some point, you should find the problem.
It could be a neutral that has come loose from a receptacle or fixture.
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Since it is a 15 amp circuit, and probably run with 14 gauge wire, it is entirely possible the electrician used the push back holes on the receptacles, so I agree that you probably have an open neutral on one of the receptacles in the run. Placing the wires under the screws is always best.
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While it could be an open neutral, it could also be an open hot. Use a tester to determine which one. Then check every other location on the circuit. Move any and all back stab connections to the screw terminals and remake any wire nutted connections.
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Does "B-room" mean bedroom or bathroom? It bathroom, it is most likely a tripped GFCI. If you tell us in what year your house was built, we can tell you where the most likely place to find the GFCI.

I suggest you spend $6 to $8 on a outlet tester, one of those things that plugs in and has three lamps. It will narrow down what the problem is and leave you fewer things to check.
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This is my first time on this site. Thanks to all for the advise and the quick response. Will hit you with, (hopefully), good news. [email address removed]

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