Replacing chewed cords


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Replacing chewed cords

I had a rodent problem in my walls which was causing my circuit breaker to trip unexpectedly.

I removed the rodent problem and the breaker is no longer tripping.

I assume I now need to find out which cables they chewed through, and replace them. No other circuits in the house have ever tripped unexpedectly, so Im assuming I won't have to completely rewire the entire house "for good measure"

What is entailed in replacing the wiring for one area of the house? If I were to hire an electrician, what do you think they would charge (very ballpark is ok, are we talking 100s, 1000s, etc)

The breaker in question supplies 1 set of 4 track lights, 1 overhead light, and 1 celing fan/overhead light. Thats it, no receptecles,etc
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Is there any way to identify what areas the rodent(s) had access to?

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