Outdoor Floodlights and sharing the circuit


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Outdoor Floodlights and sharing the circuit

Hi everybody - it's now onto some electrical installs, so you can tell the garage is getting "somewhat" dried in.... the rough inspection hasn't taken place yet, but we're getting close. That's what this message is all about.

Got the motion activated floodlights for all 4 corners of the garage - they should let me know if a mosquito bats his eyebrow, by gum.....

What I'd -like- to do is power the 4 corners with a 20 amp fuse and then on the same circuit that powers these I'd like to install a junction box where I can power the attic lights ( 2 flourescent fixtures 8' long ) and 4 wall outlets just in case I need to plug in a radio or a small device every now-n-then.
There will be no switches to turn the lights on and off - I would like to have them powered and ready all the time.

I was wondering if the Southern Building Code will allow this or does the SBC expect a "dedicated" circuit for the floodlights. The lights are two 120 Watters at each corner and really - nothing will be plugged in at the attic area except maybe 3-4 times a year; nothing more than a radio maybe when cleaning out the clothes kept in the attic......

Thanks for your time,
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I am not familiar with Southern Building Code. Where do you live?
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The SBC is reliant on the NEC for electrical constraints. I wouldn't put my receptacles and lighting on the same breaker. There is no prohibition from considering the outside lighting as general lighting. Keep an eye on the wattage. In addition you do want to put a switch on one of the lights, so you can tell it to stay on all the time if you wanted to. But if they all have their own sensors, don't tie them all to the same switch, as their memories will drive you crazy. As far as your receptacles, put in a bunch. You will need more in a year from now than you ever expected. They cost $1.30 today, but after you finish the walls they will cost considerably more. You will have to ground fault them, too since it is a concrete floor.
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I recommend a switch for your lights, even if you don't plan to use it now.
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Thanks Chandler & Racraft...

Thanks for the update.

Chandler, actually I "tested" the setup last night with just two corners installed - with 90 Watt bulbs.... looks like close encounters of the third kind when it lights up (but I still want to finish the setup with the lights on all four corners due to the burglary / vandalism we have here). I think really 90-100 watt bulbs in the units will be just dandy.

With that in mind, I'll be running eight 100 (max) bulbs IF somebody approached the building from four corners at the same time. That would be 800 watts being used for four minute sessions IF all lights came on at same time - less than a standing floor heater that you use under your desk.

Chandler, as far as wattage goes; I could handle this as far as code goes (dedicated circuit for -ONLY- the lights) with a 20 amp breaker and 12-2 romex (black, white & bare wire), right?

I guess I'll run the wall receptacles and 2 lights for the attic from the garage door opener boxes right below the attic floor...

PS - I'm in Rome, GA

Thanks again,

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