Preparing for vanity light install


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Preparing for vanity light install

I am in the process of finishing my basement. I had an electrician come in and do all the wiring. The bathroom will be 6'X6', and I asked for a vanity light.

He roughed in all the wire, and left a tail of wire for the vanity light, but no electrical box. For all the light fixtures in all the other rooms, he left the wire in a box. Is it typical to not mount a box for the vanity light? Does that box get installed later after I install the green board? I've never done this before, so what are the steps for the installation of the vanity light?

Thanks in advance.
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Did you tell him what kind of light you will be installing? Some lights have an integral box, others do no. Unless you made it clear what you needed, the electrician had to make a choice. He or she chose the least expensive option.

If you need a box, install one. if you don't then don't install one.
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No, I didn't tell him what type of light I was installing. My wife just ordered it, so I will check whether is has a box or not

SO, if we go with the type of light that has an integral box, then I need to either mount fixture on a stud, or put a backing block up so I can install between studs (with a hole in the block for the tail of wire). Is that correct?
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Almost all bathroom vanity lights have built-in wiring compartments, and are installed without an electrical box. What your electrician did is standard procedure. I usually like to buy the light (and mirror and vanity) before the wallboard is up so that I know exactly how high up I should put the cable and exactly what kind of 2x4 backing I need to mount it. Vanity lights almost always mount to the framing, not to an electrical box.
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What John Nelson been describing that is pretty much SOP to do this for bathroom vanity lights and they useally have intreal junction / spliceing box build in and useally are mounted on the studs due the weight of the luminaire weight.

i just install one not too long ago just slap it on the wall and screw the vanaity luminaire to the wall with proper support then termation the wires in proper fashion because this luminaire have rather pretty good size room to run the wire[s] in

Merci, Marc

P.S. some area may not approve this method of doing this way if not then you have to put in old work box to meet the codes if the inspector required to do that.
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Thanks for all replies.
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If the fixture is an assembly of a wall-plate and a lamp-holder base that fastens to the wall-plate , and the only openings in the wall-plate are holes for screws, then you can connect the cable to the wall-plate which should have a "punch-out" indentation for the cable-connector.

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