Lights keep blowing out


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Lights keep blowing out

In the last few weeks we've had numerous lights blow out in our house. Today, we had a bulb blow out in the kitchen and 2 bulbs blow out in the ceiling fan light in the living room. Yesterday, another bulb blew out in the kitchen. We've been in this house for about 18 months and this hasn't really been a problem until recently. One thing I should mention is that we are now spending more time in the basement, which we converted to an office about 3 or 4 months ago. We've got 2 computers hooked up down here. I don't know if that is significant but I did notice that the flood lights down there seem to blow out fairly regularly as well. Actually, that is where the problem started. Once we started spending time down here and had the lights on for an extended period we saw the flood lights down here were blowing out. Even after we replaced them the new ones would blow out before too long.

Any idea of what the problem might be?
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What exactly does "blow out" mean? Do you mean they explode? Or are they just burning out?

Have you calculated to see if you are getting far less than the rated life of the bulbs? If you're getting as much as half the rated life, you may still be within normal limits.

You might try bulbs rated for rough service, or bulbs labeled "130v", or install dimmers, or use a better brand of bulbs, or use lower wattage bulbs. There are a million reasons for early bulb failure. Vibration is a common problem. Overwattage is a common problem too. So is simple overuse.
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Blow out probably isn't the right phrase as they don't explode, they just burn out.

In the basement, we are definitely getting less than the rated life of the bulbs. I would say we've had some burn out within a month after replacing them.

We do have dimmers on basically ever light switch in the house. I don't know if this would contribute to the problem but the flood lights I got for the basement recently are not "dimmable". But I don't think that would have anything to do with the other lights burning out.

I wouldn't say overuse is an issue.
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Bulbs blowing on a regular basis is normally a indication of a loose or corroded Neutral connection.

If the problem is occuring all through the house, I would have a electrician check the neutral (ground) connection in the breaker panel, the (grounded) service connection in the meter base, and the service cable from the power company.

Go outside and look at the service cable that comes in from the street and attaches to your house.

If the bare cable (2 insulated, 1 bare) is corroded or loose, or rubbing against a tree, etc, call the power company.

A disconnected (or high resistance) service neutral can cause all kinds of problems in your home....blown bulbs, damaged appliances, damaged TV sets, etc.
It can also cause a fire and/or shock hazard.


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