Re-wiring a Vacation Home?


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Question Re-wiring a Vacation Home?

A simple question, perhaps:

The family has a lake house that is badly in need of an electrical update. Last re-wired in 1939. Typical fuse box, and ungrounded BX runs for the period.

Now, the house is built onto a hillside, with the "uphill" side resting on short piers, and the "downhill" side on 5' columns/piers. As such, there is no basement, and it is pretty much off the ground. At the uphill side, the floor joists are close to, but not touching the ground. Lattice panels of varying height cover the gap from house to ground all around.

So what type of wire can be legally used in that situation? The runs between receptacles go down under the house and along the floor joists, but technically, they are "outside", right? That would seem to rule out NM and MC, the obvious choices for inside the home.

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First -off......

Talk to your local inspector, and find out what "HE" considers outdoors. Ask him what he would deem acceptable.

After all is said and done, you are bound by what the "AHJ" thinks instead of what necessarily makes sense.
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Also take into consideration is how rural this home is. Animals like to chew things. Any exposed cables under the house could be fodder for these chewing animals.

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