lights dont work please help


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lights dont work please help


I have a problem with my kitchen lights. I bought new light fixtures about 6 months ago and they worked properly up until now. My 2 kitchen lights (one above eating area and one above cooking area) all of a sudden do not work. Also, my back porch light doesnt work either. They all must be on the same line because they all stopped working at the same time. So, I went to the circuit breaker and none were tripped. I went through all of the breakers on the panel to try and figure out what breaker controlls those lights, but was unsuccessful due to all of the breakers still being able to control parts of the house. None of the breakers were "dead" so to speak, they all still gave power to something. What could my problem be? I took the new light fixtures down and checked the wiring going to them and no power was coming through the wires.

I am frustrated and hopefully you can help

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If you can test for voltage , I advise that as the first step, you test for voltage at the terminals of the breakers in the Service panel.

If you are positively certain there is voltage at each breaker , then you next should check for a tripped GFI receptacle , which could be in different locations.

f you have eliminated both a tripped breaker and a tripped GFI device , you will have to look for a defective connection in outlet-boxs. At that point , you wiill first have to locate , and then list ,all fixtures and receptacles that are effected before proceeding further.

Good LUck, & Learn & Enjoy form the Experience!!
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thank you for the advice

I have 3 GFI's in the house and none are tripped and all get power.

What would the process be if I have to go to every outlet like you mentioned. This is pretty new to me. All I have is the 2 pronged device that lights up when you put them in an outlet. Do I need something else?

In addition to my problem, I have 1 outlet in a bedroom that doesnt work and gets no power. It is the only outlet in the house that doesnt work and has been like that since I bought the house about a year ago. How can just one outlet in the whole house not work. Shoudnt the line going to that outlet cause other outlets not to work as well?

ahhhhhh! so frustrating!

Thank you
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Lecture time first (sorry to those of you who have heard this before, but until everyone does what they are supposed to do I will have to keep repeating it.

You should know what breaker these lights are on. You should know what breaker EVERY light, receptacle and appliance is on. You should have completely and thoroughly mapped out your electrical circuits shortly after you moved in. Your mistake in not doing so may cost you many additional hours of work.

You have an open wire somewhere. You should be able to figure out if it is an hot wire or a neutral wire. If you determine it to be the neutral wire, you can figure out what circuit they are on. If you determine it to be the hot wire, you won't (easily) be able to determine what circuit they are on.

Once you know the circuit, turn off the breaker. If you can;t figure out which circuit it is, turn off the main breaker. Then check the locations that are out. Look for a disconnected wire. Remake all wire nutted connections with new wire nuts. If that doesn't resolve the problem, then you will have to check EVERY light, receptacle, appliance and other junction box on the circuit (yes, even the working locations). If you don;t know the circuit, you will have check EVERY location in the house. You will be looking for a failed connection. (You may be able to guess what else is on the circuit, and start there.) In the process of checking, remake ALL wire nutted connections with new wire nuts and move any back stabbed connections to the screw terminals.

Good luck.

When you are done, do what you should have already done, and completely and thoroughly map out your electrical system. Your goal is to be able to immediately find the right breaker for ANY junction box, light, receptacle and appliance.

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