Pulling wire through conduit

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Pulling wire through conduit

I need some basic assistance on my project.

What I need to do: Add/Pull 1 wire (14 gauge) through conduit which already has 2 wires in it. How do I add the 3rd wire?

What I'm thinking but tried Option B and had difficulty...

A) Use 1 existing wire and tie up 2 new wires and pull them through?
B) Try and use fish tape and pull the 3rd one through?

Had some trouble and need some help getting 3rd wire in. thanks for any help!!
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Pull the existing wires out, using them to pull the new wires or use them to pull an extra wire which you then use to pull the desired number of wires.

Use plenty of wire pulling lubricant and get someone to help you.
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well, if you have 2 choices and one of them didn't work, go for the other one.

One thing that will help a lot:

wire lubricant

don;t leave home without it.
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Or tie a string to one pull it out till you get to the string. Add the new wire to the string (and existing wire) and pull back through.
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How long is the conduit, how many bends, and what type of conduit? Two wires in the conduit is not very full, so you shouldn't have too much trouble getting a third in there. If you're using solid conductor wire, you'd be surprised just how far you can push a lubed wire through.
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Here a quick tip :

If this is a 1/2 inch PVC conduct [ run in underground or other area with pvc ] one opton what other members here tell ya but other way you can do is pull all the exsting wire out and run the fish tape in pull in new wire with proper wire lube. [ do not use dish soap or other stuff it will " ruin " the wires ][ the larger one like 3/4 and larger should not have any issuse with it unless someone did not follow the fill capaicty at all ]

and what i useally do with that conduct is i grab a fish tape and just run it the fish tape alone the reason why i do that because i put in a " mouse " sorta like a go - no go check in case the pvc conduct [ this will work with EMT or other conducts as well ] at the same time i clean out the conduct some degrees also help to prelube it too.

before you start pull the new wires pour some wire lube down the conduct unless you have upward pulling sisuation then just make a thick goob on the wires itself.

I know you will say to me it is a messy work but there are some area there is no alternative to do this but have to be done properly.

and the last thing when ya pulling the wires in the conduct if you still have exsting wire in there and not pulled out it will be wise idea to turn off the power to that set of wires until you get done pulling because sometime a fish tape or wire itself can cut and short out or give you a very nasty electric shock [ it can happend ]

Merci, Marc

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