How to supply 19v/12v DC to small form factor computer

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How to supply 19v/12v DC to small form factor computer

I've just bought 3 HP E-PC 42 computers (without power adapters, of course). I've learned very quickly that the adapters are not very readily available and when I find one, they're expensive.

I need to find a way to modify an existing 19v power adapter to supply 12v as well or use an ATX power supply straight to the components if there's an easy way to come up with a 19v supply out of that.

Here's a picture of one of them showing the connector:

And the back, showing the diagram and info:

Looks like I need 12V+, 12V- 19V+, Powergood, Shield, and Ground
Output is 12V - 7650mA
19V - 2800mA

Can anybody tell me a half-way simple solution without buying the specialty adapters(which cost more than the computers, by the way)?

Also, can anyone tell me where I can find 8 pin molex connectors like that?
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Hp E-pc

I work on computers and I hate those computers for that reason (I know there small and light , but the power supplies are expensive). ATX Power supplies can supply the + and -12 volts, ground , shield and power good but not the + 19 volts and a good ATX Power supply can cost alot also (For a good one with alot of power and not cheaply made)

I don't know what else you can do try one of these two sites these are my favorite computer tech sites
maybe some one there can help you out more or
whats the specs on those computers any way?

and for the ATX Power Supply pinouts and more information see

Sorry I could not be of more help
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You could buy any beefy enough transformered, regulated power supply and use a couple of resistors here & there to make a couple of voltage divider circuits.

What's the highest DC voltage you need? 19? Wrong. You need 24, which is a swing of -12 and +12. 24 volt transformers and rectifiers are widely available to supply these common voltages.

A voltage divider off the 24v secondary will give you 19 volts.

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