bonding verses grounding


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Can someone define bonding and contrast with grounding, if appropriate? Thanks!
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Please start a new thread for a new question.

Bonding means bringing everything to the same potential. Grounding means providing a ground connection.
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good question

Like raycraft says; bonding is the equipotential connection of two or more items together. Grounding is the connection to local "earth" ground. It is a bit more confusing than that, since I've never heard of bonding done with any other than grounded conductors. I don't hear of bonding items that are above local earth potential. Maybe some industry makes this distinction.
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Bonding is machanicaly connecting conductive parts togeather. With lugs, screws, bushings etc.
Grounding is connecting something to ground.
Most of the time, when you bond something you have also grounded it.

ooops...I guess I was a little late.
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Perhaps a good example is this: In your main panel there may be two bars for the neutral and bare wires. These two busses will be BONDED together. They will also be GROUNDED by connecting to the house ground rod system
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Any of the "OLDER" guys may remember what the NEC used instead of "BONDED". They used the word "MARRIED".
This joining of two parts is considered Bonded. It is just coincidence that bonding usually goes "Hand in Hand" with grounding.

Think of it this way, Main panel, Neutral and ground busses are "BONDED" . This gives the neutral a connection to the ground BUSS, not actual Ground. If you walked outside with a bolt cutter and snipped the GEC, Neutral and ground busses would no longer be grounded, But they would still be BONDED.
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Originally Posted by telecom guy View Post
I don't hear of bonding items that are above local earth potential.
Well linesmen doing bare handed work "bond on" to the energized wire. If that counts.
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Bonding is a means to lessen the the possibility of receiving an electrical shock. Grounding is a means to lessen the possibility of the power distribution system and connected devices from being damaged by high voltage surges (lighting strikes, transformer failures...)

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