Help! Changed Light swtich


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Help! Changed Light swtich

I leapt into this project, thinking it was simpler than what it was. Now I'm here.

A light switch in my bedroom controlled 1 plug (outlet has 2 plugs).

I changed the light switch, and then the outlet in question. Turned the power back on, and discovered the plug now controls EVERY OUTLET on the specific breaker/circuit.

What have I done, and how can I fix it. Dear God. Help.
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Tell us exactly what you did. Did you only mess with the switch? Did you mess at all with the receptacles?

What is the wiring at the switch? ALL the wiring? How many cables? How many wires? What were those wires connected to and what are they connected to now?
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and discovered the plug now controls EVERY OUTLET on the specific breaker/circuit.
Do you mean the switch does not control any receptacles or the switch now controls ALL the recpetacles.
Take a close look at the receptacle you removed. Look closely at the tab between the gold screws.
Tell us how you connected the wires to the new receptacle.
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Sounds to me like you had a light switch that controlled one and only one receptacle socket. In other words, the receptacle (where you plug things in), which has two sockets, one above and one below, originally just had one of these switched, correct? The other one had constant power and all the others in the room had constant power? And you changed the receptacle, correct?

If this is the case, most likely that receptacle had the tab between the top and bottom separated. Most receptacles have both sockets hooked to together, so if you connect one, you've connected both. If you cut the tab between the top and bottom on the hot side, you now have two separate units that can be wired separately, ie: one switched and one constant power.

This make sense?
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We don't yet know exactly what's wrong, but we're pretty sure this is a simple, easily-corrected, mistake. And we'll be able to tell you how to fix it with just a little more information from you.

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