grounding question


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grounding question

Once again I have a question. I noticed two things when I was changing some plugs and light switches as far as the grounds. The first thing I noticed is in one room that the older owners had some upgrades with the electric. The ground wires have no wire nut. The grounds are spun together (if that makes sense, the same way a wire nut spins wires together) and then they are grounded at the terminal screw at the receptacle. The are spun real good together and I don't know if that is normal practice or if I have to disconnect from the ground terminal on the receptacle and throw a wire nut on with an additional ground as a piggy back to the ground terminal on the receptacle. I don't think it is an issue because it is a ground but you guys are the experts. The other thing I found in new wiring is a light switch box that has different circuits for different lights. There is about 9 ground wires together with a large wire nut. That too is spun so tight together I would have a lot of work to get them apart. It seems though that the hots they have in the box have no more than four together, with piggy backs so there is no more than 4 per wire nut on that. Please let me know if the grounds are an issue. I know all the hots are correct with the light switches but just want to know about the grounds
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It used to be allowed to connect the ground wires together by simply spinning them. This practice si no longer allowed.

My advice is to do nothing if they are securely together.

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