PVC install & usage questions


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PVC install & usage questions

How does one connect PVC pipe (3/4", 1/2") to either a metal or plastic J-box box (and does it matter what sort)? Do you pass a threaded male adapter thru the knockout and if so what do you use as a nut... regular metal locknut? How does it work w/ plastic boxes, if it does... seems like they don't have knockouts... do they?

Depending on reply to above, I may have to ask how to connect to a subpanel... but if metal j-boxes are explained, I assume it's the same answer.

Can splices be made within an LB Connector? (I don't intend to... just wanted to check)

If I also run RG6U (?) cable for TV and Cat5 cable together in a *separate conduit* what size would you recommend? Also, how far do I need to keep from the 30A feeder I am also installing? (Home Depot guy said 12" but I trust them not.)

Is there any 90-degree sharp turning piece other than LB-connector (and its sisters)? In Rigid Metal there are elbows that have pull points... would prefer PVC equivalent to come up to subpanel indoors if it exists.

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What I know:
You use an adapter with standard locknut to connect to a junction box, either metal or a grey PVC box, some which come with glue in hubs for PVC conduit. Drilling a hole into a blue or other box meant for nmb cable is unprofessional looking, at least.

You can use LBs that have adequate capacity as a junction box.
You shouldn't need to do that for a building feeder though.

Get 1" for the communications. At least 12" is fine.
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12 inches between parallel low-voltage and AC power runs is the absolute minimum.

RG6 requires a very soft bend radius. Two inches is safe as long as it does not kink or bunch up the jacket. This pretty much rules out using a sharp 90-degree bend in a J-box. A PVC elbow is a better choice:

(Picture courtesy www.foxelectricsupply.com)

Cat5 and Cat6 are more forgiving, but still require at least a 1" bend radius.

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