New Room Wiring on One Circuit?


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New Room Wiring on One Circuit?


I'm soliciting opinions on whether one 20 amp circuit using 12-gauge wire seems the right path to take. I have a 10'x12' covered deck that I just enclosed in order to convert to a "man-cave". It will have a large (empahasis on large!--about 65") screen tv, a ceiling fan, two recessed lights, and about one receptacle on each of the four walls, and an outdoor floodlight that will be controlled from within the room. Apart from the tv, the only other thing I'll have is a complimentary home theater system, and I guess you can figure I may use a laptop in there once in a while.

I have complete access under the floor, since it was a deck, and there is about 7' of clearance underneath, and I can easily drill a hole laterally from outside to the basement ceiling. Still, I want to make only one run to the breaker panel. I really only have one slot on the panel, that has one unused 20-amp breaker.

Apart from the actual connections from receptacle to receptacle, to light switch and lights, etc, am I OK with just one run back to the main panel? I don't mind using a junction box underneath the floor, if necessary, in order to simplify the connections. Thank you!

Note: my house was built in 1987 and virtually the entire 4 bedrooms, and upstairs hallways, are on one 15-amp circuit, so my guess is I should be more than fine.

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This should be ok. I'm all about overkill and would run more, but your constraints at the panel won't accomodate that.
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I would run two circuits, or a one multi-wire circuit. I would put the home theater system on a separate circuit, perhaps adding one or two of the other receptacles.

Make sure that your receptacles meet code. One per wall may or may not be up to code. More importantly, one per wall may or may not be enough in the future.
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Surround sound systems that are optimized for that small of a space shouldn't draw more than 500 watts when turned all the way up. Nominal draw of that system is around 100 watts during decent listening levels (unless azzurri wants the neighbors to call the police).

A single 20a circuit should be fine for normal usage in the room, but don't expect to run a space heater and a vacuum while watching TV and listening to the stereo louder than the vacuum ... with all the lights on so you can see what you're vacuuming ... like my wife did a few weeks ago.

Two circuits would be better.
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Thank you all once again. For confirmation on running the wires, please comment on my plan, which can be seen by accessing the below link:

I am using ONLY 12-2 cable.

(I asked to be able to post a picture, but I got no repsonse)

Thank you again.
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I would definatley run two circuits, the cost is minimal and it will be alot easier now than if done later. You'd be surprised how quick you can max out a 20 amp circuit.

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