All circuit breakers tripped at once?


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All circuit breakers tripped at once?

Hi, newbie here. Just wondering if anyone had any insight as to why all of the breakers in the box would have tripped at one time? We're in a fairly new house (7 years old) and we have been having issues with a breaker here and there (one specifically seems to trip often) so we were thinking we had a short somewhere... but earlier tonight the entire house went dark because they all went at once. I've been Google-ing for an hour and can't find any info on the web. Is this a problem we can diagnose ourselves? TIA!
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It is possible for the main breaker to trip, which turns off power to all the others. It is possible to lose one or both input lines which will shut off half or all power. it is not possible for all breakers to trip at one time, if the wiring is correct. They are all individual circuits. Individual breakers may trip when a circuit becomes overloaded, or has a problem.
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I've seen where the main breaker trips and the vibration causes the branch circuit breakers to trip.

I'd call your service provider and make sure everything on their end is okay. If all is well on their end, have an electrician come in and go over your panel connections
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Breakers have thermal component to the trip. I could imagine if the entire panel got very hot all the breakers could trip at once. I could also imagine some type of huge power surge on the line tripping all the breakers. That would however also cause major damage to other items in your house.
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Not likely, But could it have been hit by Lightning?.
Did you lose power to the house , But restored it by Toggling your breakers one at a time?

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