sub-panel and hot tub question


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sub-panel and hot tub question

I've been doing a tad bit of research on this but I figured I'd ask about my particular situation. I have a 200 Amp main panel, containing 1 30amp circuit for the range, 1 30amp for the oven and a 40amp for the A/C. Past that, several circuits for lights and outlets. I'm in the process of doing some research to convert the range to gas, I have a gas line currently going to that end of the house for the gas dryer so it should be an easy job. Keep that part in mind for the rest of this question. I'm currently in the process of finishing my garage and I'd like to put a sub panel out there because I only have one 110 outlet there now and this just won't do. I plan on buying an Air Compressor very soon, will probably go 220 on this. I will also be running a few (probably 3-4) other 110 lines and pulling the 110 outlet out there now into the sub panel as well. What size amperage of a sub panel am I going to need in the garage and is this going to cause a problem for what I currently have on my 200 amp main? I'm considering putting in two 220 circuits for the garage because I may get a mig welder sometime in the future and would like to be ready for it. I would probably not ever be running the welder and the compressor at the same time though. What do I need to be concerned about if this is the situation?

With all that out of the way, I'm also thinking about getting a hot tub sometime soon. I know I'm going to need a disconnect for the tub but do not know how much amperage they typically draw and if this plus the garage sub panel will over power my main panel. Any advice for this would be helpful, I'm fairly new when it comes to this level of knowledge for electricity. Thanks!

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You have not supplied enough information to answer the question. Google "demand load calculation" and you will figure out how to determine what size service you need.

As for your garage, the size service needed depends on how much power you need for a welder. You haven't told us what size you want, so we cannot help there. 60 amps to your garage may be enough, or you may need more.

A hot tub may very well need a 60 amp feed for it's disconnect/panel.
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You can find hot tubs that only need 15 amps of 120 volts (they take forever to get the water hot), and you can find other hot tubs that take 60 amps of 240 volts (eight times as much).

Similar differences can be found in welders and air compressors.

Details matter.

The design, cost and difficulty of this project will depend greatly on whether or not you are going to get a welder or not. If you don't prepare for it, you'll never be able to use one. If you do prepare for it but never use it, you'll have wasted a lot of money.
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For the hot tub you can actually buy a hot tub disconnect from lowes or home depot. They come with the 60 amp breaker already in them. Then you just have to come out of your panel to the disconnect and then to the hot tub. There are requirements for how far the disconnect can be away from the hot tub though.

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