100 amp pannel ?


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100 amp pannel ?

i have a 100 amp pannel with only 16 slots.

2 slots used by electric dryer
2 by electric range
1 by furnace
1 by fridge
1 by dishwasher/microwave
1(maybe 2 by a/c)

which has the other 8 slots full with upstairs and middle floor lights and plugs plus line for detached shed.

can i add another 100 amp sub pannel to add breakers. house is not large and dont pull near the 100 amps but would just like more breakers to separate some things. will this work or do i need to upgrade the whole pannel?
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If tandem breaker are allowed and available for your panel I would go that route first.

But yes, you can install a 100 amp sub panel.
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You can actually run another 100 amp subpanel off a 100 amp service with a 100amp breaker? Also doesn't a electric range, Electric Dryer, AC and I would assume if all that is electric then so would be the hot water heater take up a lot of electricty. You guys are the experts but I would assume that is close to 100 amps.
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I'm no expert either, but I'm guessing that he has a gas (or oil, or propane) water heater and furnace. I have a 100a panel in a house that's only 10 years old, and has a gas water heater & furnace. The panel only has 16 slots, but allows 24 circuits with tandem breakers.
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I thought the same thing at first, as the electrician who did our service upgrade from 60A said it was only necessary to go to 100A. I asked both of the electricians working on it about whether we should have gone to 150. They both said that with a gas furnace and gas water heater, they believed 100 was enough. At the time, I didn't know to ask to see their load calculation, though.

We do have electric stove and dryer, as well as central air, which is why I was surprised. One of these days, I'll probably go around and gather nameplate ratings on stuff to do a load calc of my own, but at this point, it's purely academic.
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I would like to upgrade; maybe to power a couple of heaters in the garage, or a hot tub/pool or welder sometime in the future. First time homebuyer mistake: I thought 200a was pretty much standard. I believe 100a is the minimum for residential.

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