Determine Electrical consumption


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Determine Electrical consumption

I was wondering if there is any easy way to determine the amount of electricty being used by my hot tub. I got approximations from the manufacturer, but I would like to know (if possible), the actual amount.

Trying to decide whether or not it is cost justified to have it up and running all winter when I am only using it once every week or two.
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dtfoyle, I moved post here, I think these guys will be able to help better. I'm pretty sure there is a formula. There are however alot of variables. I tell my customers in Tennessee that the spa will use between 12.00-22.00 month in summer and 38.00-58.00 in winter. Good luck...
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You would need a fairly expensive meter to measure the actual energy usage of the tub. It's trivial to compute the energy used by the heater or by the motor, but what is not trivial capturing the amount of time either cycles on during each day. I think the estimates given by the previous poster are pretty accurate.

Some power companies offer an energy analysis service where they will come out and loan you the meter(s) for a couple days, so you might want to call them and inquire.

If you are in an area which is above freezing temperatures, you could read your electric meter each morning for a couple days, then turn the tub breaker off for 24 or 48 hours, continue to read the meter each morning, and see how much your daily average kWH usage drops during the days the tub is off. Multiply the drop in kWH by your $/kWH rate on the electric bill and there's your approximate daily cost for the tub. Obviously don't do this if there's a chance your tub pump will freeze overnight.
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Do you have power bills with and without the hot tub (compare same month of the year)? There are whole house energy meters out there in the $150 range (you could just put it on the hot tub circuit though) that will monitor the energy use like your power meter. At $150 + install, it may not be cost effective (especially if you decide to leave your tub on).

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