No power to outlets


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No power to outlets

I recently installed new wall outlets in my bedroom.(6 monts ago) I have a small refridgarator, alarm clock and a waterbed plugged into different outlets. Today I plugged a vacuum and tripped the circuit breaker. When I went to reset the breaker I noticed that the breaker was fried. I switched out the breaker.(15amp) I changed the outlet that I plugged the vacuum into. I still don't have power to the outlets. I used a tester and noticed I was getting a very dim light. The wires to the outlets seem to be correct.(white on silver black on brass) Why am I not getting power ot the outlets?
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Open all your outlets and go through all your neutrals. Check them at the panel too. Sounds like a burnt neutral. Most likley in your first outlet on the string

Also, ensure you used the screw terminals and not the backstabs. IF you used the backstabs I garentee you one has become weak and loose and your neutral is baked.
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You have an open circuit.
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As burke said, it is likely the first outlet in the string.


You did look at the BUSS in the panel when you swapped the breaker didnt you?--You may want to take your tester and see if the dim light is caused at the panel also. If not, proceed with checking the outlets. If the buss or anything else in the panel is the slightest bit questionable , have a qualified professional Assess the situation.
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For you to fry a breaker tells you that you have too much of a load on that circuit, or something was loose from the install.

Did you check the hot buss that the breaker snaps into to make sure that didn't get damaged?

what is the amp draw of the frige, and waterbed heater? What else do you plug into that circuit?

A vacuum cleaner is probably around 13 amps by itself

Better re-think your load use of that circuit.That is what I call UNSAFE.
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