Ungrounded 220V to 2 110V's


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Ungrounded 220V to 2 110V's

I have an unused 220, 3 wires, black/red/white, with no bare/green ground. I metered black/white and red/white @ 120V each. I would like to derive 2 110's from this. Replacing the double breaker with 2 singles and pigtailing to the white should give me this but my question has to do with the ground. Can I run a single insulated (green) wire from the box and use it as the ground for both new 110's? Or do I need 2 new grounds, one for each? Or can I run a ground from another 110 and use it for both new 110's? I would just replace the 3 wire 220 to the box with 2 new 12/2+gnd cables if it were a simple matter to get them to the box but of course it's not.
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While there are a lot of ways that wiring "CAN" be hooked up, the only accepted and safe way is to run two independent circuits. Don't "share" any wires.
Remove the double breaker, install two 15 amp breakers and use 12-2 romax to run your wiring.
I strongly suggest if you haven't done wiring before, aren't up on you codes and want the job done safely with someone to stand behind the work, hire a good electrician. To run your two circuits is not very expensive,

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If it's tough to run a new cables, how do you intend to run the ground wire?

While your plan would work and be safe IF the ground wire remained intact, I'm not sure it would be legal. I also have my doubts that the ground wire would remain intact. And since a non-intact ground wire is not something you will notice right away, you may up ungrounded.

My advice is to leave this circuit also, and to add a new circuit or circuits for your need.

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