Converting 220V Dryer Outlet to 110V Recepticles


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Converting 220V Dryer Outlet to 110V Recepticles

If I wire 2 110V recepticles from a 220V dryer outlet (1 outlet on each branch circuit), will the 220V double circuit breaker provide protection? The breaker is 30A, dual trip levers that are physically connected by a pin. If 1 half of the circuit exceeds 30A, will the dual breaker trip? Thanks
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Before I even consider answering this question, please tell me why you want two 120 volt, 30 amp receptacles in your laundry area. What do you have that runs on 120 volts, 30 amps?
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It sounds like you're trying to do one of two things:

1. Extend a 30A, 240V dryer circuit to create some standard 15A 120V receptacle outlets in your laundry room for plugging other stuff (dehumidifier, etc.) into.

2. Convert an existing 30A, 240V dryer circuit to a duplex 15A, 120V receptacle outlet. This might be if you got a gas dryer now, and you have to plug it into a regular 15A, 120V outlet to work.

In either case, this isn't going to work as planned. You cannot install 15A, 120V receptacle outlets on a 30A circuit. If you're trying to do option #2 above, you can probably change the 30A double-pole breaker to a 20A double-pole breaker, and install multiple 15A 120V outlets on the circuit. If you have a 3-wire run from the panel (two hots, neutral, ground), you could install a multiwire circuit. If it's just a 2-wire run (hot, hot, ground), you could re-label one of the hots as a neutral with white tape, and wire in the receptacles.

If you need to do option #1, that's simply not permissible. There's no way you can install 15A, 120V outlets on a 30A branch circuit.
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You can't recolour wires below #6. If you don't have a four wire feed you can not do in any case.

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