Minimum distance between disposer switch and sink?


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Question Minimum distance between disposer switch and sink?

From a code point of view, is there a minimum distance one has to have between the switch on the wall wired to the garbage disposer and the sink?

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No minimum distance.
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I have a related question on my daughter's "new" 60-year old house on which I have made several posts already:

In this house the garbage disposal switch is not on the wall; instead, it is on the front of the sink base cabinet, mounted an inch or two below the counter top. Doesn't seem terribly safe as the switch is in reach of small children and could also be tripped accidentally by someone standing at the sink and brushing against the switch. Wondering if this switch location would be a violation under current code?
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I think you've answered your own question. I'd hate to hear that someone reached into the disposal to get a spoon and accidentally bumped that switch.
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I can't think of any specific electrical code violation, but it does fail the common sense test. It would be pretty easy to just relocate the switch to the inside of the sink cabinet so it can't accidentally be tripped.
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A question just in practical terms:

I know I've seen disposal switches inside cabinets, and heard people talk about putting them there - but in houses I've lived in, the disposal switch has always been up on the wall, or an air switch mounted on the sink. It seems pretty intuitive to not have to open the cabinet to turn on the disposal - so what's the reasoning there? Does it have to do with making it less likely that you're near the disposal with your hands when you turn the switch on? Or is it just an "ease of installation" issue? It doesn't seem that hard to knock out a hole in the wall and pass an appropriate cable/conduit/whatever's required in your jurisdiction down to the below-sink level. This is especially easy if the disposal has a normal grounded plug on it, so all you're really doing is making an outlet switched.

Sorry if there's some rule or something I'm missing, but it just always strikes me as odd!

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