Outside Wiring Question


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Outside Wiring Question


I plan on installing a flood light above my Deck.
There is presently a small outside light about six feet above the Deck, so with the new floodlight mounted about the height of the second story, we are talking a vertical run
of perhaps ten feet or so. Would connect at the present small Deck light box.

My first thought was to run the wire in the normal grey plastic conduit, or perhaps snake it inside the wall, somehow.

But I realized that the normal house service 220 V wires run from the vertical power line drop to the
inside of the house opposite the service box in the basement, so apparently it is code-compliant to run the correct type of
electrical wiring vertically on the outside of the house siding without being in conduit.

The simplest thing would of course be for me to just run a suitable wire against the siding on the outside, without any conduit.

What are the code requirements for this application (simple 110 V, 14 gage wire) ?
I doubt that the regular NM-14 has an appropriate sheathing for this application ?

What type of wire is code approved for this type of application, and what would I want ?

Any caveats or not apparent or obvious Code requirements ?

I do have some NM wire approved for direct ground burial (per the label on the box). Sure does have a tough outer sheath. Would this be O.K., perhaps ?

Whatever I do, i want to be 100% sure that it is Code compliant.

Much thanks, as always,
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One of the pro's will chime in shortly.

Im not sure if NEC has a height requirement or not, but I do know my locale requires a minimum of 6'6" from "Walkway" or "Grade" whichever is higher.

The cabling you are referring to is UF cable which is suited for direct burial, but must also be rated for "SUNLIGHT " or "UV " resistance to be used outdoors. It likely is, but double check the writing on the cable itself.
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If you were running the wire close to the ground, you'd have to protect it from physical damage which would require running in either conduit or inside the wall. Since you're dealing above 6', I'd say it's out of the path of physical harm, therefore you can use any outdoor approved wiring method. UF wire would be easiest (looks like NM but is outdoor rated). Most people would probably think UF would look messy stapled up the wall though.

You could also use PVC conduit (either with UF inside or even better with individual THWN conductors.
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Originally Posted by Zorfdt View Post
Most people would probably think UF would look messy stapled up the wall though.

You could also use PVC conduit (either with UF inside or even better with individual THWN conductors.
I would agree. If it were my project it would be in an outdoor rated conduit and then painted to match the color of the house.

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