bathroom wiring help


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bathroom wiring help

I have in my bathroom a small problem that hopefully someone can fix for me. Here is what I have going on.

I have the 12/2 from the circuit breakers coming into the bathroom powering the room. I have 1 GFCI, and 1 overhead light fixture. The GFCI is on its own 12/2, and the light is on its own 12/2. Both wires go into the box where the power comes into. So I have power coming in, one wire going to GFCI and another going to the light.

So my problem is how can I get the GFCI to be on 24/7, with out having the light on. Right now the way its setup is the light has to be on to have the outlet on. At this point in time I can not run another cable to the light or GFCI etc.. Any ideas???
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You didn't mention where the switch fits into all of this. Is the switch the "box where the power comes into" that you mentioned? Can you descibe the wiring in the box containing the switch?

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bathroom help part 2

inside the box with the switch are 3 12/2 cables, one is the power one is the line to the light and the other is the line to the GFCi. I currently have the blacks and whites all nutted together with 1 pig tail on each which is connected to the switch. the power is on everything but the switch is basically acting like a bridge supplying power to everything. the switch is non functional whether its up or down.
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I would draw you a picture, but my art skills are horrific...

The power cable hot is nutted to the hot supplying the receptacle....That puts a constant hot at the recept

The hot from the lamp goes to one switch screw

A pigtail from the "Nutted hot wires" goes to the opposing switch screw

All whites nutted together, all grounds nutted together, and pigtail the grounds to the box only if it is metal.

This should make the switch work the lamp, with constant power to the receptacle.
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Take one power cable and connect it to the GFCI LINE connections. Do not connect the black and white to any thing else
Take the other power cable and connect the the white to the white wire to the light.
Connect the two remaining blacks to the switch terminals.
Connect ALL the grounds together and to the receptacle and the switch.

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