240V electrical outlet


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240V electrical outlet


I recently bought a used dryer and had to run a 220 circuit to make it work. The dyer spins but no heat so i suspect that it is not getting 240v. I used a 10/3 gauge wire and got a double pole 30 amp 120/240v breaker.

On the panel, (federal pacific);
the red and black goes to the 2 poles of the breaker. The white and the bear goes to the bar (only one bar and all the grounds and neutral go to it)

on the receptacle;
the left and the right (straight shaped) is connected with the black and red wires. The top (semi-round shape) is connected with the bare wire. The bottom ("L" shape) is connected with the white.

Testing at the receptical;
The two hot legs test to 0v when tested together but each test 110v when tested with neutral or ground.

From what I understand testing the two hot legs should result to +/-240. What am I doing wrong HELP GUYS thanks.
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Are you sure that you don't have a tandem breaker? Your "double pole" breaker should take up 2 spaces in your panel.
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On the panel, (federal pacific);

These panels are notorious for problems....But lets work on your circuit first.

There are 2 service legs that come into the building, 120v each , on "Opposing Phases",which added together equal 240 volts.

I suspect, somehow, both of your hot wires are on the same PHASE, or "LEG". 120v measured to 120v on an Identical leg will give you the zero youve encountered.

Did you use a Dual pole breaker, or a Tandem?

At the breaker itself, Test as you did with the 2 straight slots of the receptacle. You must have 240 across the Breaker poles.

Post back.....

Sorry STRATEGERY...Im on a serious delay here,

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