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Hi all, thanks for all the help in the past.

Another project for this old house of mine. Right now it has a second story with sloped ceilings because of the low roof. It has two large bedrooms and a large sitting room. Well we plan on raising the roof and fitting 4 bedrooms, bath and walk in closet.

Right now the upstairs is fed off the same breaker for the living room and basement lights, and there are about 4 outlets for the whole upstairs. My thoughts are (and let me know if you have a better idea):

- Bathroom on its own dedicated circuit
- all lights (except bath) on there own circuit
- master bedroom (15x15) and walk in outlets on one circuit
- one bedroom (10x15) and hall outlets on one circuit
- two bedrooms (10x15) outlets on one circuit

I was thinking all 12/2 on 20 amp breakers. I figured probably 6 outlets per room. Would it make sense to put a subpanel upstairs, and if yes could I put it in the walk in closet?

Thanks for the advice, we don't plan on doing this until summer, just trying to figure things out now.

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Sub panel can NOT be in a clothes closet.
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I would not use a subpanel, upgrade the main panel if needed. Bathroom MUST be on its' own 20A gfi(breaker 0r outlet) circuit, fan required under some local codes, another circuit. Lighting and outlets should be on separate circuits. Some codes require AFCI for bedrooms. Always check local code!!!!! And all work must be inspected, although most localities allow the live in owner to do the work.
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I was thinking all 12/2 on 20 amp breakers.
Because I was bored and had nothing better to do, Based on 4 different home centers, The difference between 14/2 and 12/2 is an Average of 21 $ over a 250 foot run. For 20 $ out of your pocket now, as opposed to hundreds in the future when you need a 20 amp circuit , and have to tear out all the drywall.....Yes, this is a no brainer....BTW...the breakers were the same price...

The subpanel would give you much more flexibility, But it cant go in a closet. Find a space with at least 18 inces on either side of the panel clear, and also clear from floor to ceiling. If It adds that much to the "Ugly Factor" ...Hang a picture over it....
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Thanks for the advice, guys. I was mostly making sure it wasn't a bad idea to have more then one bedroom on a circuit. I wouldn't think a bedroom would draw much power. And from all the reading I've done here I planed on having the bedrooms on AFCI and the bathroom on its own circuit.

And yes, I hate the look of panels on a finished wall. I was hoping maybe a walk in closet (about 8x8) would maybe make it ok to put a panel in it.
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Just a few ideas.

-Think about any appliances that would need (or should have) a dedicated circuit. This might be a heater, A/C, whirlpool bathtub, etc.

-I would run 12-3 between the switch and light fixtures in all the bedrooms, and install fan rated boxes in case you want to add ceiling fans.

-You will probably need to wire for smoke detectors; 1 in each room and one in the closet. Use 12-3 between them.

-Don't forget to install any low voltage wiring before you insulate and hang the drywall. These could include: Telephone, internet/computer network, Coax for TV's, a 2nd doorbell, thermostat, security system, etc.

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