Above Ground Pool Wiring for Dummies


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Above Ground Pool Wiring for Dummies

I'm having an above ground pool installed and I need to run the electric out for the pump. I need to run approximately 50 ft (20 ft in the garage and 30 ft outside of the garage). What do I need to do?
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Is the pump 120v and draw 18 amps or less? Are you running it from a breaker (or fuse) panel in the garage. If so is there space in the panel for new circuits? What does the pool pump manufacturer recomend?
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Yes to the first question. I am running from the fuse box in the garage and there are spaces available. As for what the vendor recommends, I'll have to get back to you on that one.
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Not to discourage you but pools have complex and very specific Codes concerning their wiring. You may want to hire a professional that has pool experience. You are mixing water and electricity. Mistakes could lead to a less than desireable outcome.
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The pool pump manufacturer recommends a wire size #14.
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If the pool pump comes from the factory with a standard three-prong cord and plug, then all you need to do is run a 20A GFCI protected circuit out to the pump location. The receptacle must have an in-use bubble cover and be no closer than 5' from the edge of the pool. You may use 12/2 UF-B underground cable buried 24" deep.

If the pool pump requires any site wiring, then you have a more complicated task as the wiring method must use individual conductors and conduit as well as some bonding requirements.

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