One Line 220V


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One Line 220V

I purchased the Intermatic Multipurpose Control Model P1353ME to be used to operate a 2-Speed 220V pool pump (with high, low and ground wire terminals) and a 220V booster pump for a pool cleaner (with two 110V terminals and one ground).

The electrical box that is supplying power to this equipment has two 110-120v power sources. The current equipment is a 1-Speed 220V pool pump and 220V booster pump (which I want to reconnect to the P1353ME).

I currently have two 110V power sources connected to Intermatic T103 timers and then to each pump for 220v.

Circuit 3 on the P1353ME ONLY has one terminal for the power source (line) and one terminal for the load, my booster pump requires 2(two) 110V sources, not one 220V source. Please explain how I can connect my booster pump to the P1353ME circuit 3 with only one source wire (Line) and one load wire. I have not addressed the ground wire because I believe it does connect to the P1353ME.

The Intermatic P1353ME will operate the high and low speeds using terminal circuits 1 & 2. I am assuming I will have to connect both of the 2 (two) 110V sources together on the Line terminals for circuit 1 & 2 to have 220V for the high speed and low speed. Any help will be most appreciated.
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Doing a quick look at the online installation instructions it looks like to need to feed this box with 240 volts with a neutral. That is how you get your 120 volt circuits.

Look at pages 13,16 and/or 17 in your instruction Manuel. If you don't have one go here:
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Ok, after reading what you have a dozen times, this is a piece of cake.

the timer must be used in either mode 2 or 4 because it is designed to act as an interlock so you will not have both speeds of the pump energized at the same time.

so, from your 2 speed pump. lead labeled for low speed to term 4 on the timer. the lead labeled for high speed to term 6 From the breaker or disconnect (may be legally neccessary if the panel is not within site of the pump or timer) you will have a 2 pole breaker for this pump. One of the legs goes to terminals 3 AND 5. The other leg from the breaker goes to the "common" lead on the pump.

for the booster pump:

either lead of the pump (but just one of them) to term 8 on the timer. From the panel (another 2 pole breaker just for this motor) one leg to terminal 7 on the timer and the other to the other lead of the motor.

Now, to power the timer, you need either 120 or 230 volt power (on full time). I would suggest a seperate 120 volt circuit (one hot from a single pole breaker in the panel) and a neutral (from the nuetral bar in the panel) connected to terms 1 and 2 (respectively) in the timer.
This way, you can have the timer on so yo ucan alter settings even if you have the power to the pumps off.

Now, I know you are going to say "but my booster has needs 2 110 volt circuits". If it is a 220 volt pump, it needs 1 220 volt circuit, not 2 110 volt circuits.

Just to confirm, look at the data plate on the pump motor and post back with all the info on it.
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One line 220V

Thank you very much, I would have never in a million years figured this out. The instructions referenced in the replys are much different than the ones I received with the timmer. You both are great and I understand the two 110V lines to the booster pump. Following your instructions and referencing the online instructions it was easy to see how it is done. Thank you again, Richard

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