wiring through external wall


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wiring through external wall

this is probably an easy one for you guys but new to me.

i need to route 3 network cables through my house (or rather outside my house) i need to know the best method of doing this. are there any howtos out there i am unaware of

thanks in advance
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Well, the electrical code doesn't care. So it's just a matter of getting the cable through the wall without reducing the insulation value of the wall, damaging the vapor barrier, or letting in rain and bugs. And of course it should cosmetically look good. I think most cable installers just drill a hole though the wall, push the cable through, and apply some caulk. Then use cable clips to hold it to your house. It's a bit less noticeable if you run it just beneath the lip of one of the siding boards, and then paint it to match the house.

With the ubiquitous nature of wireless now, you don't see many people routing network cable around any more (except to the cable modem and router).
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cool so its just a case of drilling through the wall apply some caulk and route the wire neatly then apply the faceplate on the internal wall and be happy!

is there anything i need to look out for when drilling the hole (electrical wires obviously) also i guess i drill from inside to outside.

and yes i realise wireles could cover this but im a database developer and need the extra speed
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Not only you have to watch out electrical wires but other stuff as well like plumming , ductwork those area you have to pay extra attetion before you drill thru the wall sometime it will catch ya by suprise if not carefully.

If you are near the breaker box / fuse box there a chance there may be a bunch of wires you may not able advoid it without getting one of them nicked when you drill thru.


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