12/2 wiring vs 14/2


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12/2 wiring vs 14/2

I have a friend who is building a house in Connecticut. I recently went to his house and to my surprise I noticed the outlets were all wired using 14/2 with the exception of the Jacuzzi tub which had 12/2. I was always under the impression that outlets use 12/2 to a 20 amp circuit and lights use 14/2 to a 15 amp circuit. Can anyone offer me some guidance as I would hate to see my firend have any problems with the system in the future. Thank you.
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Receptacles are allowed on 15A circuits with #14 wire in rooms other than the kitchen, bath and laundry where 20A circuits are mandatory. When you said that all of the receptacles are on 15A circuits, your friend could have a problem if this includes the aforementioned areas.

While it is a common practice to put receptacles on 20A circuits with #12 wire, it is only required for all receptacles in a few cities in the US.
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Houses with general use convenience receptacles installed with 12/2 on a 20 amp circuit are the exception to the rule in my experience.
We perform a considerable amount of residential service work and the only 20 amp circuits I ever see are in the areas mentioned by Mr. Brooks.
Unless your friend has special requirements, he should be just fine with the 15 amp circuits.
Any electrician wiring a house would be willing to install 20 amp circuits but there is a cost involved.
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Pretty much most room can use the 14gauge wire but as Ibpooks mention that the only rooms it have mantory 20 amp circuits and the garage circuits pretty much standard 20 amp circuit as well expect the lighting circuits it can be either 15 or 20 amp depending on set up and code cycle.

And keep in your mind with the area that allready used the 2008 NEC code requirement will have mantory AFCI reqirement { check with your local office for latest update due some change along the way}


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