Spacing between sub and main


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Spacing between sub and main

I am adding a subpanel to the main via a 60 amp circuit from the main to a 100 amp 8 slot box. My current 100 amp box only has 16 slots and I need to add a couple of circuits. I want to add the sub directly below the main via a box spacer. I've checked local codes, but have found nothing that speaks specifically about proximity of the sub to the main. The sub will be about 4' from the floor, so it should be fine with regard to the basement flooding (never has though...)

Is there any reason not to attch the sub directly to the main via the spacer?
Any help is appreciated.
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You can put them as close as possible as long as the panel covers fit properly.
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Thanks. As dumb as it may sound, I hadn't even thought of that. The spacer probably won't give me the clearance I need. Guess I'll have to wire it a bit differently...
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You probably want to use what's called a nipple. Basically, it's just a length of conduit (you'd probably choose one 3" or 4" long) that has two threaded ends. You'll then use 4 lock nuts (one on each side of each panel entrance) and you're all set. Usually this is easier and cleaner than using a foot or two of large NM cable.

I've done this in the past with PVC conduit (a short piece of gray electrical PVC and two threaded ends), but you can also do it with RMC conduit nipple.

Good luck!
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Offset nipples work well too. in case your holes don't line up perfectly. You can get them at most big box stores up to 2"

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