10 amp breaker to 15 amp


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10 amp breaker to 15 amp

Silly Question:

I've got several 10 amp breakers in my fuse box and I was told that I should change them to 15 amp breakers, this would avoid some of the flickering I get when multiple devices are running at the same time, most of the breakers are for outlets and lights.

Will this really make a difference? I know it's just a matter of shutting off the main and popping the existing 10 amp breakers out and replacing them with 15 amps; but, I'm not really sure if this would be cost justified to replace eight 10 amp breakers in my house.

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You can never, ever, ever simply change breakers to a larger size without first verifying if your circuit wiring can handle it. And 99% of the time it cannot. Violate this rule and you risk burning your house down.

Have you really got 10-amp breakers (10-amp breakers are incredibly rare)? Do you have breakers or fuses (you mentioned a "fuse box)?

Furthermore, a larger breaker wouldn't help a flickering problem anyway. The flickering is due to the wiring, not the breaker.
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Where do you live? In the US, 10A breakers are rare. If you're elsewhere in the world, let us know, there are a couple here who are knowledgeable about other countries' power systems.

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