Electricity keeps turning off

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Electricity keeps turning off

I dont know much about electricial stuff so I dont know all the right terms for everything but I hope you still understand what I'm talking about.

I know that electricity is supposed to shut off automatically when you exceed the max limit for something. Its happened to my apartment a couple of times, so I know when I reached the max (usually when I open the blow dryer along with a bunch of other things).

However, a couple months ago, I know that I didnt reach the max amount because my family had not used anything extra, just the regular amount of appliances opened. Yet some how my fuse keeps blowing? Every time this happens, we have to run to the basement to pull the switch again to turn the electricity back on. Around this period, after pulling the switch a couple of times, my dad started hearing this weird sound inside the box. He said it sounded like electricity sounds (zapping, fizzing?) and after he started hearing that, the electricity would only stay on for about 1 min each time, before it turned off again. We called some electrician to come fix it and I think they replaced something inside the box.

Thats not where the problems end. It was fine for a couple months. But this month, we started having problems again. A lot of them! First the electricity shut off one night- normal but some what high amount used. Two nights later, in the morning, no electricity on except for some plugged in clocks, not even the lights were on! Thats when we knew for sure we werent passing any electrical limit. After happening for 10 times or more, our electricity died completely. The electrician came to check it out and decided that we needed to replace the lines but found out that we actually had two lines- one that still works but not connected to any of the lights. (Both lines were connected to same switch I think) So I've been using that line with lamps and every thing to try to survive this. But whats happening? Even THIS line shuts off for no reason! Its happened twice in 3 days so far while I'm waiting for the electrician to come after the weekend.

So please tell me what you think is wrong. Here are some theories I have.
1-My dad read some electrical book and he found out the electricity turns off if it starts leaking. However, if it leaks, wouldnt it be maybe a worn out part in ONE of the lines? Yet it happens with BOTH our lines.
2- Whatever the electrician fixed last time, he didnt do a good job. I was thinking loose switch? That maybe theres a spring somewhere and it gets loose and the switch undos itself, making our electricity shut off? or whatever he replaced needs to be replaced again. Last time when my dad mentioned to him that something inside the box might be the problem, he goes NO, I replaced that last time! But he didnt even bother to check -.-
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Ask your landl loard for a different electrician.
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Originally Posted by dreamynights View Post
Whatever the electrician fixed last time, he didnt do a good job.
I think this is the case. The symptoms you describe indicate that this is a major problem in the electrical service which often requires replacement of many different components. The fix is usually not cheap.

What is probably happening is that you have a loose connection in the service which is producing a lot of heat (like an arc welder). This heat destroys the wires and components of the breaker or fuse panel and can lead to fire. At the very least, you'll end up with damage to your major appliances.

I do consider this to be a safety hazard, and I would advise you to find another electrician who is willing to do a thorough examination of the electrical service and make a recommendation for repair or replacement.

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