Bring power to ceiling fan (help me)

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Bring power to ceiling fan (help me)

Hello all,

I just bought a new ceiling fan that has a blue, black, white, and ground wires, but where I want to install it doesn't have any previous fixture. I already bought the brace / 4x1.5 box to strongly hold up the fan where I want it. I need help in getting power to this ceiling fan. I have access to the attic but there's no electrical junction box to feed power to the fan. THe only thing I can think of is ADD a new romex wire to the switch and feed power to the fan, unless you guys have some recommendations and suggestions. I found a single-pole wall switch in the living. Opened it and found the following wires: 14-2 = white (neutral), black (hot), copper (ground). there's also another romex cable found inside this switch box: 14-3 = white, black, red, and copper. this switch controls the duplex outlets. The upper can be set to HOT by flipping the switch while the bottom of outlet is always HOT. I notice this outlet is connected to the rest of the outlets in the house. Rest of the outlets are always HOT.

Here's how the wiring looks like inside a switch box. Sorry I'm terrible at drawing:

I find it odd that there's a 14-3 and a 14-2 wires found in this same switch box. I believe the 14-2 is the power source wire because I unwired/remove caps from all the wires for testing purposes. Test

this by touching the 14-2 black wire(HOT) with a voltage tester. That's the only wire that lights up while using the voltage tester. So that has to be the power source because Other wires and outlets did not light up with the voltage tester. I believe 14-3 wire has something to do with connecting to other OUTLETS in the house.

Im aware of turning off circuit breaker prior to working on wires. My question is....Is it safe to add
a new romex wire (14-3), connect them to all the same colors from the same switch and fish the new romex wire to the attic then to the fan? If this is not recommended then can i do the following instead? In the attic, mount an electrical junction box, splice the OLD romex 14-3 wire (the one that is coming up to the attic from the switch), connect it to the mounted junction box, and have my new romex wire connected to this junction box then from there to the 4x1.5 box for the fan? Any help is appreciated.
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i would say that your 14-2 is your constant feed and depending on what is on the rest of that circuit if not that much you could use that circuit heres how you would go about doing it. on the 14-2 if you have enough slack and you know how to do it shut off the circuit and cut in a junction box in your attic secure it to a rafter and then run a 14-2 to the new location where the fan is going to be, keep in mind that the fan will not be switched by the switch rather it will have constant power all the time and will have to be operated by the pullchains unless it is a model that come with a remote you would
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If the 14-2 is the power feed in, the black is a constant hot and the red is the switched hot in the 14-3.

How do you want to switch the new fan? Will it have a light kit?

The issue you may have is with box fill. With 2 14-3, and 1 14-2 cable and the switch your box would need to be 22 cubic inches or greater. You may need to switch to box to a bigger box.
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Be careful of automatically assuming a wire's function by its color. Not all white wires serve a neutral function. However, in this case, your white wires are indeed neutrals.

Your guess that the 14/2 in the switch box is the power source is correct. And the wiring is no mystery and not "odd" at all. The 14/3 black wire is providing unswitched hot out and the 14/3 red wire is providing switched out hot.

How to wire this depends on how you want it to work. Do you intend to control the fan with remote control or switches? Are you going to use one switch or two? Are you going to add a second switch? Does your fan have pull chains? Does the fan have a light kit? Do you want the existing switch to continue to control half of the receptacle too? What brand is the fan?

Tell us more about how you plan to control the fan. The details depend on it.
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almost ready to work on project

I feel that I will be able to complete this project with the guidance and helpful infos you guys are providing me. I will probably take a picture of my complete project and post it here after it's done . Sorry I forgot to describe how I want this fan to be setup.

Chewylu103... thanks for the response but since it's possible to run another wire up to ceiling to control the ceiling fan... I might just run wires up to the attic from switch instead.

Hello PCboss... i believe it has light kit because it's a fan that comes with lights with two pull chains. Yeah I think I will have to replace the switch box for a bigger size. I will look for the 22 + cubic size that you suggested. They call it the 4-gang box right?

John.... here's the fan I got at homedepot.... Hampton Bay 60' cressner. It has a blue, white, black, and copper wires. The fan can only be turned on with the pullchain due to the 3 speeds, but the light can be turned on with a wall switch or pullchain because of the blue wire. I just like to have the fan there to bring in the cozy atmostphere to the living room. Ok so here's how I would like to have it set up: Be able to switch the fan lights on. As for the fan, if possible, would like this to be turned on with switch. Would like to leave some room to install a unversal remote control later on down the road (in 2 years or so) if I decide to put one in for that same hampton bay fan i just purchased. But for now I would like to set it up to have the fan and its lights switch on with 1 flip of a switch and be able to continue controlling half the recepticle or outlet.

If it's not possible to have both fan and fan lights switch on with 1 flip of a switch, then I don't mind losing the ability to switch on the fan. THe fan lights is more important to me when it comes to switching it on when i come home late from work. The fan i can pull the chain anytime whenever it's hot or stuffy in the house.
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I don't know if you know this or not but why not just get two gang box so you can keep the exsting circuit there { if you want swtched receptale } and add new cable for fan/luminaire set up so you can have one switch for receptale while other switch for fan and third one for fan luminaire.

Yeah there are few extra deep single gang box but the whole moot point is depending on how deep the wall cavaity if can go much deeper but normally I just go with two gang route it much eaiser to deal with the wires. plus you have little more fexibality if need a dimmer in there.


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