Wire nuts and solder in main panel?


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Wire nuts and solder in main panel?

After fixing my earlier problem with some non-working outlets (described in an earlier thread) I am thinking about how to insure against this happening again in the future.

The problem was created by a wire nut connection in the main panel coming loose. I am considering soldering the wires together before installing the wire nuts, possibly some sort of insulated crimp connector (in lieu of wire nuts). I am unsure of what might be the best way to avoid wire nuts coming loose in the future. Any and all suggestions are welcome.

In case anyone is not familiar with the transfer switch I have wired into my main panel, the following link describes it:
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Properly installed wire nuts should not fall off. Use a good quality product with a live spring grip inside.
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And you can't solder electrical connections for line voltage. As PC says, a properly sized Bcap, properly tightened will be sufficient
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If you really want to solder the splices, let me know and you can borrow my great grandfather's solder pot.
I even have some leftover friction tape to wrap the splice with.
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Solder has absolutely no role in home wiring. Don't even think about it.

When installing wire nuts, I always recommend using brand new ones rather than trying to reuse a wire nut that had been previously used.
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Funny dezwit.

I have K&T with that crap all over my apartment.

As everyone has said, wire nuts don't just come loose unless it's due to the incompetence of the installer (or the wire nut). I was always taught to make 3 mechanical twist's with my lineman's pliers before putting the wire nut on but soon found out that's it's unnecessary ( and a waste of time). I can get the same twist with just using the wire nut.

Keep tightening until it gets hard to do so and you know it aint' goin' no where.
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The wire soldering used to be common in old days but not been used in modern time and yeah., The code do allow it but WE normally don't do that anymore.

It is much cheaper and quicker just get new wirenuts when you make the splices on the wire.

Genreally I don't useally bother reused the old wirenuts due over the time the interal spring can get deformed and get to the point where you can't able get proper tenison in the wirenut.

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Thanks for all the advice. You have convinced me, new wire nuts it will be.
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I don't have any soldered electrical connections in my house that I'm aware of, but why is it not a good idea to solder wires toghether ? Just curious.
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Solder is not prohibited, but code requires that it not be the only way that the wires are mechanically held together. That's because it's just not mechanically reliable enough. So if you twisted them very thoroughly, you could solder them, but then you'd still need to tape them for insulation. If you want to use a wire nut, the solder may interfere with the application of the wire nut. So in general, I think it's best to simply avoid the solder.

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