Wiring Dilemma


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Question Wiring Dilemma

Recently Purchased Condo (Needs TLC)
Built in 1976
Fairly Up To Date Circuit Panel
Concrete Construction

While I was doing the demo of the place I noticed that the light in question (wall sconce) would flicker (sometimes stay on) if you bumped it. There is no switch for this light and the light that was there had the switch built into the body. I was a bit concerned about this light so I removed it. While attempting to remove it I discovered that the reason it would flicker was because when it was installed no marrets were used and the wires were in contact but not secure. Unfortunately when I removed the light I was unable to keep the wires in place to ensure that I knew which wire went where. To be honest I'm not sure it matters as anyone who would choose to install a light without marrets would make me think they may not know what they are doing anyway.

I think I have figured it out, but I would like someone with some more expertise to ensure my logic is sound. If after reading what I have posted you think I require an electriician please don't hesitate to say so.

The wall has a circular box. Entering from the top are three wires (all three black). My assumption is they come from the circuit panel. Using a voltage detector I determined two are hot and one is neutral. One of the wires was still connected to another wire (exiting to the left and black) so I restripped these wires and marretted them together. By switching breakers on and off I believe this wire is going to the outlet that runs the air conditioner. The breaker is a 20 amp instead of the 15 amp on the remaining breakers. Plugging in an outlet detector that outlet comes up properly connected.

Directly below the box (near the floor) is an outlet and entering from the bottom of the box are two wires (both black). I have assumed that one is meant to be connected to the hot and one to the neutral. Exiting left is another wire (also black) and from what I can tell it runs an outlet further down the wall from the air conditioner based on flipping breakers and trial and error. Therefore I determined that this wire should be connected to hot.

So to recap. I solidified the connector to the AC. I connected the wire going down and the wire going left to the remaining hot wire from the top. I also connected the remaining wire from below to the neutral wire from above. I then tested each outlet with my outlet tester and all of them come up as properly connected.

From here I plan to put a light back up. I am planning on using a wireless switch as running new wiring isn't feasable especially with the concrete ceiling. My plan is to hook it up to the hot and neutral that weren't used similarly as with the outlets. Therefore I will have a couple outlets and a light running on that breaker.

So does this sound correct? Do I need to know anything specific about the wireless switch? Thanks in advance and sorry for the long explanation, but I didn't want to miss anything.
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All of the wires are black? No white or bare wires? Are the wires part of cables or do they enter individually through some type of conduit?

Is there any way you could take some digital photos of the boxes in question and post them to a photo sharing site so we could see the problem?
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Yes all are black, none are bare. Hence why I was somewhat confused. They enter through a conduit I would suspect (behind the wall), but inside the box they are separated. I will do my best to take some pictures.
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tinkertrain is in Canada in case anyone missed that. Maybe they do things, or allow things, different there.

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