A/C wiring symbol question


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A/C wiring symbol question

The image below is a security camera power supply cabinet. The power cord is a standard 3 prong (black white green wired) cord. The security camera power supply cabinet did not come with a manual.

In the image i highlighted the terminals that the power cord is supposed to connect to. Can someone tell me what the N and the L stand for? I recognize the ground symbol.

Thanks in advance.

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L is LINE or the black hot wire.

N is neutral or the white wire.
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Thanks a bunch! I assumed that N was nuetral but had no clue about the L so i decided to ask, and im glad i found this forum.

I'm a home theater guy but i have no high voltage knowledge or ability . My gear usually comes with plug in power cords. Im learning as a go.

I got it working! Now i get to position & focus all my cameras today! Yes im excited

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You may want to verify that the black wire of your chord is actually the "hot" wire. Furnaces that I install will not work if the white wire( instead of the black wire) is "hot" with respect to ground.

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