Dipped an extension cord in water


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Dipped an extension cord in water

OK, this is probably a stupid question and it definitely resulted from a stupid act.

I had rented a wet tile saw to tile my bathroom floor (black slate - turned out awesome...) and had it set up in the back yard. I had plugged into a non-GFCI outlet inside the house via a 50' extension cord.

So, I'm sawing away happily and I guess I must have splashed the bit where the extension cord connected with the saw cord because suddenly the saw went dead. I figured I must have overloaded the circuit so I checked the breaker box - nothing wrong there. So I unplugged the extension cord and plugged it into a different outlet.

Long story short - the cord was wet and I guess I've blown two outlets in my house now. How do I fix it? Is the problem in the wall box or is it more likely to be back along the line somewhere?

Should I even bother attempting to fix it myself (despite the story above, I'm quite handy but not really great with electrical things...) or should I just call an electrician?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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That is very strange. What it should have done is tripped the breaker in the circuit you plugged it into. Are you sure these are not GFCI circuits?

Did just the outlet you plugged it into stop working or the entire circuit?

Not saying it is this but it seems to be a common thread on here that outlets that have the wires stabbed into the back often fail.

You could check that by pulling out the outlet. Make sure the circuit breaker is turned off. Older outlets often had wires stripped and just pushed into a spring clip on the back. Over time these fail, often when under a heavy load, like you could have subjected it to.
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First thing is that with some of the extendison cord some are not made to be concat with water and it can fry them up.

However .,,

you mention blew out two receptales then you have connection issue first thing is check if you have backstabbed recpectales { this is most common mode of failure ) if that case move the wire from backstabbed hole and move it to the screw and screw in properly.

Once you fix up the recpeales and they are ok next step is check the extendison cord if they are factory molded type they should not have any water getting in there if so.,, useally just replace the extendison cord with new one { don't get me wrong on this spot due some of the cords are very light duty and they can't handle hevey current }

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could be e GFCI upstream of the two dead ones ?

so while it wasn't a GFCI outlet it was a GFCI circuit

I would look for that first
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All really great advice! Thanks so much! I suspect the backstab socket thing and will crack it open this weekend to take a look.
Thanks all for wise words.
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I agree that this problem is a loose or burned connection.

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