Installing Pool heater


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Installing Pool heater

Im looking at different pool/spa heater, and had a question on the spec and what size breaker to use. This is going to be a replacement so the wiring done just want to know if I have the correct stuff.
The heater Amp Draw is 46, the wire size needs to be 6 and the fused disconnect must be 60 amp. What size does the breaker need to be. I'm guessing 60amp ? I currenttly have a 50 amp. If I need 60amp breaker then I will have to have it rewired or find heater that will work on 50amp. By the way this is 240v
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Check the heater nameplate or installation instructions for the terms "max OCPD", "max fuse", and "min circuit ampacity". If any of those are specified, please let us know.

Do you have a make and model of the heater? We may be able to lookup the information from the manufacturer.

If the heater draws 46A, it probably needs a 60A breaker. However, you may simply be able to replace your breaker depending on the specifics of the situation. Please tell us the distance from the panel to the heater and what type and size of wire is installed (cable, THWN in conduit).
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Thanks I will see what I can find. The distance is about 50' It is romex coming out if the box to a juction box. from there it goes in to conduit. I can can only assume it is regular wire from there meaning soild not in romex. It looks to be 6 gauge.

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