**help** wiring BALDOR L1321TM


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**help** wiring BALDOR L1321TM

To Whom it may concern,

I am trying to wire this air compressor to 220V. So far my boss has been trying to get it going but no luck.

the cables that come out of the motor are all white. and from there a bunch of them are tied into one orange cable and then there is a blue cable. i think the owner prior to us was trying to wire it to a 120V.

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There is usually a connection diagram on the motor name plate or inside the motor terminal box. Are the wires numbered?? How many wires are on the motor? We need more info to guide you correctly.
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Here is a schematic

The motor wires should have numbers on them


For high voltage (230)

1 hot wire splices with wires 1 and 8
2nd hot wire splices with wire 4

wires 2,3,4 splice together by themselves
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The typical single phase motor wire colours are :

1- Bleu
2- White
3- Orange
4- Yellow
5- Black
6- NCA { no colour assigned }
7- NCA
8- Red
P2- Brown

The 240 volt connection will depending on which verison you have so watch out on this part .,,

Hot conductor #1 AKA L1 while second hot conductor #2 will be L2 so let you know which way it will run

here it go

L1 - 1
L2 - 4,5

Join together 2,3,8

If this motor run backward then follow this chart

L1 -1
L2 -4,8

Join together 2,3,5

Now here is the other verison if you have lead #6 and #7 show up on this motor then follow this chart here.,

L1- 1,8
L2- 4,5

Join together 2,3 6,7

{ note a space between the 3 and 6 due the winding connection an do not connect 2,3 and 6,7 with one wirenut due it will short circuit it. so you will need one wire nut for 2,3 and other wirenut for 6,7 }

Now again if that thing run backward here is the other connetion

L1 - 1,5
L2- 4,8

the other two set of wires are still the same as above { 2,3 and 6,7}

It should work this way with both colour code and number set up but PLEASE do doube check with the nameplate sometime the factory do make a change from my list here.

Merci, Marc

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