I need GFI wiring help..


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I need GFI wiring help..

I'm doing the finish electrical on my new construction house. I have a daisy chain of 5 outlets in my garage which will be protected by a GFI plug located at the first outlet box in the chain. After doing all the finish wiring and turning on the breaker... I get no power in any of the boxes. I confirmed that I have power to the box containing the GFI prior to wiring... so I know it is at least hot to there... but no power to any of the downstream outlets. I can't test or reset my GFI either... is it possible I have a bad GFI... or more likely that I somehow miswired the GFI??


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obviously check that you turned breaker back on and that the GFI is not tripped-push reset. then I would check your wiring. If you are having downstream outlets protected, the 1st outlet should have the wires from circuit breaker box connected to the screws labeled "line". The screws labeled "load" should then be connected to the next outlet. verify that you have black to brass. and that other wires, including ground are correct. if this all checks out and you still do not have power to 1st outlet then maybe it is bad?
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You may simply have a ground fault. Disconnect the "load" wires from the GFCI, then restore power, then see if you can reset the GFCI.
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The other thing with new GFCI's they do have very good senseing device so check all the wires if you have any nick in the box it may trip the GFCI epscally that true with ground and netural conductor.

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