need help wiring 2 lights...


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need help wiring 2 lights...

This is what i need to do:

i have two lights: one runs the laundry room and one runs the outdoor light. They are on the same wall just one is out and one is in. I have a black, white and green wire that provides me with the power. What i want to happen is have two separate switches that control each light with the one power source. Is this possible??

I've tried several combinations with no luck. When i turn on what is supposed to be the laundry room light it also triggers the outdoor light. I can't seem to be able to separate each to its own switch.

I don't have access to anything other than the switch plate but i do know what wire comes from the outdoor light, and what wire comes from the laundry room light, as well as the power source wires.

I've read other posts but i don't have a "red" wire.

Any help appreciated... since right now i have all the wires sticking out of the wall...

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All white wires nutted together.

Two six inch pieces of wire (pigtails) nutted to the black wire from power in.

One black pigtail to each switch.

The black lead from light "A" to switch "A". The Black wire from light "B" to switch "B". (A = Laundry light; B=Outside Light.)

Grounds tied together. Pigtails to each switch. Pigtail to box if metal.

Above assumes you are using to separate switches and you really due have a power lead in the switch box.

[quote]I don't have access to anything other than the switch plate[.quote] If this is a rental you can't legally do the work.
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It is highly likely that it is possible, but I need to ask a few questions first.

1. are both these lights activated by the same switch?
2. what is the total number of wires in the switch box, and how they are connected?
3. what is the gauge of the wire, and the amp size of the breaker of the circuit that controls the lights?
4. what other fixtures and/or receptacles are on the same circuit with the lights?

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If the switch box is correct here the run down:

All the netural { white } wires are wire nutted then you will have one black wire which it is for power the other two black will be feed to the respectable luminaires a tip here you will see a pigtail for both switches.

Is this switch box is one gang or two gang type ?

You should have a simple neon test light so that way you can verify which lead is power once you indentify it then you can able hook up it properly.

let us know what you have on this one.

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This is not a rental.. i own the manufactured home. The metal box has 3 sets of 3 wires. I tested for a live wire and know that the bottom one is live. I have a two gang switch box with two separate switches existing in them. I did not do the pigtail so i guess that is where the problem lies...

i will use the advice below and get it to works... it sounds very correct and i appreciate all your assistance...

thank you!

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