What's the best generators in the 6K - 8K wattage range?


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What's the best generators in the 6K - 8K wattage range?

I want to get a good generator for my house to power my house in outages. I need a strong generator because I have a 1hp 220volt well pump, a 1/2 hp septic pump, Boiler (for baseboard hot water), 2 refrigerators and a bunch of lights, etc. I would also like to be able to run stuff like tv's, computers, etc. so I'm not sure if that's possible with a generator. Anyhow, I have heard that Honda makes the best ones, but wow they are pricing. In the last power outage I borrowed a friends Honda 5000 watt generator and I was able to run my well pump, septic pump, boiler (for baseboard hotwater), and some lights all at the same time. I was impressed at how powerful that generator was. But I"m thinking something even bigger would be my best bet.

I see they have new inverter generators that I heard are supposed to put out very clean power so you can power sensitive electronics like computers, lcd tv's, etc.
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I have had my eye on one of these but our electric is so reliable (knock on wood) it's hard to justify. Runs on gas, natural gas, or propane. For propane you do need a large tank; a 5-gallon won't cut it.

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Of course if you heat with fuel oil you might want to look into a diesel unit.

For any sensitive equipment you would want to condition the power from a portable generator.
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There is portable and stationary verison in that size but it all depending on how you want to spend it.

The portable units typically are cheaper to buy but more noiser and for power quainty { cleaness } I will say fair to dirty power. { expect the inverter generators useally are very clean but not much surge resvere }

Most portable unit are either gasoline { can run on LP or NG if have optional other fuel mixer in there } or Diesel units { that cost more but it worth it if you have common heating fuel oil supply }

Stationary units useally cost more to buy but they are pretty quiet if set up properly and typically burn either NG or LP for spark ingited engine or Diesel if have fuel oil in there

power qualntiy from stationary units it will anywhere from very good to dirty depending on what unit

With any type of generators you must have proper transfer switch many states are getting very strict on this matter.

The transfer switch it can be Manual , Semi Automatic or Full automatic again it depending on cost and how you want to use it.

There are few good manufacters you can choose from.

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Be careful aboutbuying a propane generator if you have not researched the fuel requirements adequately. The low prressure nature of the beast makes the supply volume (particularly in cold weather) critical.

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