shop force generator won't start


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Question shop force generator won't start

during our recent 30 hr. blackout i used my little shop force generator to run the sump pump. After three hours of running it quit and would not start again. I have checked the spark plug and even bought a new plug and there is spark , does not appear to be strong, kinda light blue in nature. i have even squirted gas in the cyclinder and tried to get it to fire up. No luck. I did get it to run for approx. 3 minutes this am but it stopped abruptly and will not start again. it has always been hard to start. any help would be appreciated. i see that in the engine diagram it has an ignitor and capacitor could they be bad? if so how does one check them?
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Blue is the correct color for the spark. If the spark is weak, the chances are the coil went bad. I'm not sure what you mean by ignitor but we could be talking about the same thing. I hope you didn't flood it by putting gas in the cylindar. If the oil smells like gas, then change the oil, squirt a drop or 2 in the cylindar and crank it without the plug.
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turn the fuel off at the shut off and then open the drain on the carb and drain the fuel into a fuel proof container and look in the bottom for water. if you have water in the bottom add some gas dry to the fuel and try running again. you might need to change out the fuel filter, some when contaminated with water stop allowing fuel to flow. if these don't work then check the compression before going any further and post back.

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Keep in your mind some of the portable generators some of them do have low oil cutout switch if oil level get too low it will shut down the engine.

Strong bleu spark on the sparkplug useally tell that is good coil pack there.

Some case the gasoile did get some moisture in the fuel tank and get it frozed up and somecase get carbuator iced up and prevent from it running.

Any chance did the engine ran little rough before stop ? { a telltale mark is black exhaust smoke useally overfueled engine }

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I have Shop Force generator 2500 watt and had the same problem. I found out it have a low oil cutout switch. I added more oil and it started up

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